Shahji’s Cooking Class
I grew up in India in a large household where my mother enforced the importance of traditional values while still being open to new ideas. Home cooked cuisine not usually available in restaurants. Look, cook and learn. Simple, easy to follow steps. Learn to prepare both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with locally available ingredients. This course covers an introduction to various spices used in Indian Cooking as well as basic recipes. How Indian herbs & spices assist to keep our body healthy. Healing herbs and energizing spices can also eliminate many of the toxins that have entered the body. Food cooked with healing herbs and energizing spices can eliminate many of the toxins that have entered the body. Cooking therefore is an art and a science at the same time. The cook is like a medicine man, using herbs, spices, vegetables, legumes and other ingredients. Tutor will supply all ingredients. No prior experience necessary. Spice up your kitchen and indulge your taste buds.
Cooking Course Includes:
  • a)Introduction to Indian cooking
  • b)Identification and Understanding of Spices & Herbs
  • c)Demonstration
  • d)Hands -on Preparation of Indian Dishes
  • e)Enjoying prepared meal as a group
  • f)Notes, Recipes and more which can only be experienced
Gluten free options included. Eat what you love and let what you eat be as delicious as love. Tasty, wholesome, healthy Indian cuisine made easy. Indian Cooking Classes have been set into few categories:
    • 1. Basic Course: $90 (3 session) or $45 each session An introduction to various spices as well as basic recipes. Demonstration of Indian cooking and complete knowledge to make your cooking easy. 2. Advance Course: $135 (1 day Course) One day course of 6 hr. Included the basic knowledge of spices and herbs and demonstration of Indian dishes
    • 3. Gluten Free Indian Cooking – $90 (2 sessions) or $55 for one session. For Gluten intolerance people, this is the class for you. Gluten free food comes to life with wonderful flavours produced by the Indian spices and herbs, flours, vegetarian and non- vegetarians.
    • 4. Grilling the Indian way- $80 India’s version of barbeque chicken is the world famous bright red “Tandoori Chicken”. This class will expand the horizons of your backyard dining and entertaining with easy Indian barbecue recipes for the outdoor or indoor.
    • 5. Classic Vegetarian Cooking- $90 for 3 sessions or $45 for one session For anyone setting out to cook Indian Vegetarian for the first time, this is the class for you. Vegetarian food comes to life with wonderful flavours produced by the Indian spices. Learn how to use them to make a simple vegetarian meal from scratch.
Courses Date and Time:
    • 1st session: 31/1/14- Friday @7.00-9.00 pm, 7/2/14- Friday @7.00-9.00 pm 14/2/14- Friday @7.00-9.00 pm Basic Course
    • 2nd Session: 21/2/14- Friday @7.00-9.00pm, 28/2/14- Friday @7.00-9.00pm 7/3/14- Friday @7.00-9.00 pm
    • 3rd Session: 14/3/14- Friday @7.00-9.00pm, 21/3/14- Friday @7.00-9.00pm 28/3/14- Friday @7.00-9.00 pm
Please book your sessions before Wednesday for 31/1/14 Friday session. Confirmation of all the other classes a week before are mandatory. All classes will be sent out confirmation once payment have been done. Warm Regards JIGNESH SHAH

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