Our Vision
The World Health Organisation defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being – not merely the absence of disease”. We couldn’t agree more. Here at Shahji, we are committed to making you more healthy. We stock and sell only the best of fresh, healthy, organic, gluten-free and sustainable food products available in the market, ensuring your food consumption promotes holistic living. We pride ourselves on supporting both local and international communities by ensuring that products we stock are developed in environments that are just, sustainable and fair trade.
Our vision? To change the standard approach toward food and health. To enrich Kiwi’s lives through increased awareness of the medicinal values of foods. To provide information, solutions and products so that everyone can lead a healthier life. To awaken, and to transform.
We are New Zealand’s first ethnic gourmet shop that allows you the benefits of healthy products without ever leaving the comfort of your home!
Our business goals are threefold:
  • a) To offer only the best quality products
  • b) To keep our products affordable
  • c) To disseminate knowledge about healthy, holistic living.