Shahji's Recipe
Delicious Gluten Free Bread

Ingredients : 100 gm. Royal Red Rice Flour (or Royal White Rice Flour) 100 gm. Royal Sorghum(Jowar) Flour(sweeten taste) 100 gm. Royal Soy Flour (Great source of Iron) 100 gm. Royal Millet (Bajara) Flour 100 gm. Royal Yellow Corn flour … Continue reading

Shahji’s Gluten Free Porridge (Halwa)

Ingredients: Singoda Flour-1/2 cup (Gluten Free Flour) Royal water chestnut flour Sugar/Royal Jaggery ½ cup SARAS GHEE-2-3 tblsp Hot water/milk-1 ½ cup Royal Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp Royal Cashews-2 tblsp Royal Raisins-2 tblsp Royal Walnut Pcs-1 tblsp Royal Almond slices-1 … Continue reading

Shahji’s Dal Tadka

Ingredients : Yellow moong dal 1.1/2 cup Water 4 cup For seasoning ;Shahji’s seasoning bowl 1 tsp Royal cumin seeds 1 tsp Royal Black mustard seeds 1 tblsp Royal garlic paste 1 tsp green chili 1 tblsp SARAS GHEE Procedure … Continue reading

Shahji’s Cumin Rice (Jeera Rice)

Ingredients : 1 cup Shahji’s Premium Aromatic Basmati Rice 3 cup water Salt to taste 1 ½ tbsp Royal Cumin Seeds 1 tbsp SARAS GHEE Procedure : Step 1 : Take a pan and put it on the stove. Step … Continue reading